On the page APPROACH you can read about the Golden Alchemy as a global framework of the inner development that I facilitate.

Each individual is unique and a wonder in itself, with its unique ways of unfolding. And each process demands different tools. The same aspect in all methods that I use is that they re-wire our brain so we learn to respond consciously instead to react (unconscously). We descover new ways of being and doing, feeling and thinking. Here are some methods that I use in offered sessions:

  • Mindfulness and compassion
  • Body-oriented psychotherapy
  • Energy field healing
  • Authentic Design coaching for your Soul Business

In my work I also include knowledge about trauma work and newest developments in neuroscience, as well as some ancient healing practices of international shamans and buddhist monks. I am also using elements of art therapy and Focusing (by E.T. Gendlin). Further tools and influences you can find on the page QUALIFICATIONS.  

Mindfulness & Compassion

This is a wonderful way of inner development, that includes all parts of our being. We learn to observe our body sensations, emotions and thoughts and to rest in the greater field of awareness. We observe "good" and "bad" in the same way: pleasant and unpleasant sensations / emotions / thoughts, and practice not to identify with them. We become the observer and pure awareness. We also do the heart work - we embrace everything with compassion and learn to forgive ourselves and others, for our own sake.  


By practicing mindfulness and compassion we start shiftig our identification of the Self from the egoic state towards the bigger reality, with more love, space and freedom. We become the ocean and not the waves, while at the same time we learn to experience those waves fully and do not cut us off from our wonderfully imperfect human nature.


* By the grace of the Universe, I was given a glimpse of a state of conciousness beyond our Ego. Since then my life has changed and the sense of Oneness is always in the background. Guided by my own experience and tools learned from different sources (Eckhart Tolle, Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Adyashanti, Buddhism and many more - at the end they all meet in one and same Truth), I offer support not only for troubles of the personal self, but also for your meditation practice and spiritual alignment.

Body-Oriented Psychotherapy

Body is a recorder of our life-time experiences. It shows - here and now - how we deal with life, where we flow freely, where we are stuck and where we try to pretect ourselves from difficult emotions or experiences. Body holds all our history and brings it to the Now. Working with body is very direct way to open and heal, as it knows our subjective truth linked to the certain experience. When this truth is denied (usually first from external authority and then internalized), our body tries to follow our intention to "hide" the painful truth into the blockages. This first happens on the level of the energy field and over years it becomes embodied. Body can "hide" things for some time, but it never "forgets". Actually, we could say that it protects us from forgetting and so gives us the chance to make things "right" - in alignment to our truth. Holding a blockage costs a lot of energy and after a while our bodies rebell and can develop illness. 


In sessions we trust the wisdom of the body and follow its signals to acknowledge our truth. In this way we open the blockages, so energy can flow freely again and be expressed. By speaking our truth, we allow new level of healing towards the wholeness. 


My qualifications are based on body-oriented psychotherapy devloped by Wilhelm Reich and his students Alexander Lowen (Bioenergetics) and John Pierrakos (Core Energetics). 

Energy Field Healing

Aura is the energy field inside and outside of our body. It is a kind of "matrix" in which our body resides. Aura is a special shape, a certain form of our existance on Earth. Just like our body, also our aura shows the way we live our lives. We can work with energetic blockages in the aura to address and solve our issues. 


Energy work with aura is soft  and powerful at the same time. Already a basic clearing and balancing of chakras (so-called cheletion) brings refreshment and triggers self-healing processes. Resting in our energetic presence is regulating our system. A soft touch of healing hands reminds us of our human nature and connectedness. In this way we can let go of stress, control and inner pressure, that make us hard and do us harm. Relaxing into sofntess and aliveness of our bodies and our energy flow is in itself a healing experience.   


I work on all the 7 levels of aura, with all the 7 chakras. My knowledge is based on teachings of Barbara Brennan, which I have learned during my 4-years training in Snowlion School Center. 


Authentic Design coaching is a special holistic method for developing your media presentation (your graphic & web design) connected to the very core of your being. It is based on more than 20 years of my freelance practice as a designer and on my wish to offer my clients more than just a nice art work. Authentic Design truely supports you in living your mission.


Authentic Design grows out of your core. In a coaching setting we work with your innermost motivation and pick up the soul parts, that you want to manifest through your vocation. Sometimes it is needed to first clarify your Soul Business, where we define the very unique way in which you wish to serve the world. We discover what is your special talent and how you are personally growing through your work. Following a vacation is always a gift in two directions - you give by serving the world, using your talents, and by doing this, you grow in the ways your soul is yearning to.


This is a deep personal process in which we follow your own nature and find out which elements, shapes and colors the best describe the way you are working. Through this process we create together a design basis, that is closely in connection with your inner being. Your marketing and the whole graphic/web design grows out of this basis. This kind of design reflects your being, attracts the right clients and gives your presentation a deeper value.  

"We teach best what we most need to learn." Richard Bach

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