Nature as Teacher

Open Group

I created this series of mini-workshops to support embodiment of our natural being. When in nature, we remember our true selves. We feel - consciously or unconsciously - many qualities of Life on Earth. Nature is our teacher and our home. When we live in tune with nature, we feel light, supported, in flow, in harmony. 


The theme of each mini-workshop is an aspect, a quality given by nature, which is also to be found in ourselves. We will explore those themes using movement, dance, soulwork, meditations and sharing. Each mini-workshop is a 2-hour journey in a natural surrounding. 

Mini-Workshop #1

Diversity and abundance

Mini-Workshop #2

Weather doesn't matter

Mini-Workshop #3

Beauty and creativity

Mini-Workshop #4

Healing powers

Mini-Workshop #5

Courage and surrender 

Mini-Workshop #6


Mini-Workshop #7

Trust the process

Mini-Workshop #8

Essence and presence

Mini-Workshop #9

Dance of Life

More information about place and times coming soon!

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