Self-Love Group

Online group | September 2021 | Wednesdays 19:00-20:00

Self-acceptance, self-compassion and self-love are the basis of any transformation. This is where true change starts, these are the roots. Just like a baby needs to feel loved to thrive, so do we need to feel loved and accepted to continue our growth. And more than anybody else's love, we need our own love. When we drink from this source, we can heal our wounds. 


By practicing self-love, the background feeling towards ourselves changes. An inner stability grows. Our brain gets slowly re-wired. Our identification starts to move from the Ego Self towards the Higher Self. This becomes a resource that you can always rely on, in good and bad times.


With each new process, there is a new part of us that asks for acceptance and embrace. Without this embrace, we can't move anywhere in the process. Once you learn how to strangthen your self-loving Self, it will become your most important companion on any heroic journey you need to undertake when life challenges appear. 

"Know that one day, your pain will become your cure." Rumi


In times of corona pandemic we can not use our usual resources to feel nourished. We might start feeling lonely or depressed. Unfortunately, it is in human nature to often feel guilt and shame when we feel bad. As if it is not already enough that we feel bad - on top of it there is that hidden expectation that we should be feeling different/good and that there must be something wrong with us. It is very important to acknowledge and embrace all these feelings and - more than in any other time - it is important now to practice Self-Compassion and Self-Love. This helps us to accept ourselves in our life as it is at the moment and to develop a friendly companion inside, that we might be missing outside.

Here is what we do in the Self-Love group:

  • deep sharing and deep listening
  • a step-by-step Self-Love guided exercise
  • We work each time with one theme. We choose a part of the body or mind or an emotion and we work with it. We practice self-love on that part of us.

Because of corona pandemic the group meetings are possible only ONLINE via Zoom.

You will receive the Zoom link after registration.

Please register via E-mail at or via online form.  


PRICE: This group is on donation basis, starting with 5 €.

After your registration I will send you my bank data to transfer the money.

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Self-Love Group

Online group
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