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Every new presentation carries a transformational process: something new is being born and wants to show itself to the world. But how would you like to be presented and to be seen? The world is changing and old ways of marketing are less and less succesfull. The world wants true quality and more authenticity. My Authentic Design (and marketing) coaching is for you:

  • if you have something valuable to give and don't know how to present yourself
  •  don't like the main stream in marketing (and/or it feels like manipulation)
  • if you wish a presentation that is fully in tune with your values
  • if you feel shy and introvert to start presenting yourself the way you think you "should"
  • if you belive that the world is changing through crisis and want to support the vision of growth/change from within and with new values, with more mindfulness and authenticity - also in marketing

Authentic Design coaching is also offering solutions with folowing themes:

  • You are looking for a holistic approach for your presentation, because it is important to you to be seen as a whole being and/or because the nature of your business requires it.
  • You work in very different fields that at first glance have nothing in common. Because of this, you are not sure whether you should present them separately or together.
  • You want to start your own business and are unsure whether your new job can go well and can bring you safe income. You need more clarity about your mission and talents in order to find deep confidence and courage
  • You have developed personally and want to make a new part of your being or your work visible. You are unsure how the old customers will react and you don't want to lose them. (This problem occurs very often when, for example, spirituality is so present in your life, that it is no longer appropriate to hide it - and at the same time your presentation should not appear "esoteric".)
  • Your new direction of (professional) development is completely different from everything you have done now. It still feels unconnected and you need a firmer base, a connection between the old and the new, so that you feel safe and can go the new path more freely.
  • You are well and confident in your vocation, but find it difficult to find the right connection to a visual shape of your work. What kind of style would you like, which design would reflect and support in your work? You need a visual connection from the inside to the outside.
  • You would like to install a ready-made free template yourself and need a practical advice on which one would suit you best and what options different systems offer.

... and many more.

In our collaboration we will look for answers like: What is your passion at work? What do you want to make particularly visible? How do you want to be seen? What is the essential, the essence of your work? Which elements support you? After your personal orientation is clear, we will work together to find the right design elements, colors, shapes, photos and your design style.


In preparation for the first session, please fill up my questionnaire and send it to me before we meet. This will help you - step-by-step - to get more clarity and a good overview. 

"Just filling out the questionnaire that Iva sent me in preparation for our consultation appointment connected me deeply with essential questions about my work and allowed me to search for answers that were just as important. It was a week-long inquiry and it became clear what was not yet clear to me."
Anja Louisa Schmidt, coach / seminar leader for authentic being and doing

Authentic Design Questionnaire (EN)
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Authentic Design Fragebogen (DE)
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"What delights us in visible beauty is the invisible." Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

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