In the times of solitude, like now in the pandemic, our feelings of loneliness are often followed by feeling unworthy, angry, needy, fearfull etc. Presence of another human being is regulating our nervous system and is stabilizing us. People are mirroring different parts of our being. We need to be seen! Human brains and bodies resonate together and this gives us a feeling of belonging. Missing all these resources can easily makes us feel desperate.

When we miss our friends and dear people spending time with us, then we have to do it for ourselves - with ourselves! We can practice being our own company and enjoying it. It is a profound exercise (or guided meditation), which makes us aware of different levels of our being. It also reminds us on our qualites and supports our trust in our strength. We practice to rely on our inner being, that is always there for us. We also practice to feel and strengthen the web of life, that is holding us all the time.  


*This meditation for Self-Friendliness grew out of an inner process in a hard period of my life, when I felt lonely and abandoned. Luckily I knew then - at least in theory - that "Everything that you want you already are", as Rumi would say. So I sat down and looked for the friend inside, that I was looking for outside. And I found her!

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