Thank you, forest

For more than 10 years it seemed to be my life task to hold the space for my beloved ones, who had to deal with heavy issues like trauma, illness and death. It was incredible hard to take care of my boundaries and that made my body and even soul really exhausted. Once the space for my recovery finally opened, the nature was my inner call, my healer.


* * *   

Thank you, forest, for embracing my tired body and soul, nourishing me with your dense, fresh, deep, strong, vital energy. You gave me hope for healing wonders and lit up a candle of my inner light again. Thank you for eternal harmony you spread, where you take me in and help me recognize my real nature.


I am natural in the nature. I am not "going out to nature" - I AM nature. I am forest. I am harmony. Life is harmony. THAT is real. It doesn't matter if the sun shines or the rain falls, it doesn't matter if it's spring or winter, it does not matter if I laugh or I cry. Happy - sad - mad - live - die - dance - cry - live - die - happy - sad - mad... All these are just waves on the surface, that come and go and circle. There is a much deeper reality. Not the waves, but the depth of the ocean. That reality is true me. Harmony is the nature of things. It is not possible any other way.


Thank you, forest, for showing how to let go with so much grace! How easy can it be to let a leaf fall down gracefully, easily, in tune with life, so light...! May I be dying like this one day, with ease, grace and trust. How touching beautiful are all those leaves that ended on the ground and all the empty branches in late autumn. They don't argue. They belong.


Thank you, forest, for reminding me each single day how everything is interconnected. How I can never be alone. With my inner eye, I can see the lines of the web, that connects us all. I love walking alone through your pathways never feeling lonely. I feel my Soul, and my Soul sees the harmony, me and you, me and humanity, me belonging to the Universe, the big Oneness, God. Everything is always all right and it has always been all right.


Magnificent peace. Stillness. Inner peace of heart and mind, which I am. Peace, stillness, harmony. It has always been and it will always be. A true reality beyond the reality. Magnificent peace, a true nature of things.

While walking through the forest, I can't help but admire every detail of it and then try to capture the living art that nature is creating.

Feel free to use these photos, just put a little credit somewhere with a link to my website.

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