Resting in Motherhood

Self-Love for Mothers

It's hard to be a mother today. There is a pressure to be a perfect mother, prefect women as well as perfect working woman. To be there for your children, for your partner, to have successfull job, to have a tidy house, to do sports, to look good etc. These kinds of outer expectations become the inner expectations, which trigger our inner critic. And our true self tries to hide, feeling shame and not good enough.


When we feel stressed and not good enough, one typical reaction is - we try to do more! We try harder. We become more active, try to manage more things from the to-do-list. We chase the feeling of satisfaction when we achieve what we wanted (and yes, our brains can give us that rewarding feeling by producing dopamine after each achievment). By doing more, we might feel satisfied for a while, but it will not last long until we again start feeling not good enough, which usually follows by running after another "dopamine dose" in our brain. This kind of behaviour does not bring real contentment, because by doing it we are all the time rejecting a part of us - a more real part of us, that needs to be nurtured in a different way. 

Compassion focused therapy by Paul Gilbert teaches about three circuits in our brain:

  1. Threat (detection and self-protection)
    Checks for dangers and how to cope with them, fight/flight/freeze reactions (hormones cortisol and adrenalin)
  2. Drive (doing and achieving)
    Motivating,  striving, achieving, consuming, rewarding, joy, excitement (hormone dopamine)
  3. Soothing (safety, care, kindness)
    Reassuring,  relaxing, feeling safe and connected, content, wellbeing, peace (hormone oxytocin)

Often we as mothers run between (1) and (2), feeling often even more exhausted and unsatisfied. It is no wonder we are acting this way, cause the general life style nowadays is just the same. But there is no healing without the part (3). This is also the part where compassion and self-compassion make impact on our wellbeing. And as the word itself says - it is a well-BEING. This state is more about Beingness than about doing. 

"Love is a state of being." Eckhart Tolle

In this workshop we will:

  • Learn more detailed about the 3 circuits on our own examples
  • Develop and embody our personal inner care-taker, that is based on self-compassion
  • Practice reassuring and connectedness with ourselves
  • Very practically exercise how to invoke the presence of self-compassion in the midst of a stressed situation
  • Practice to aknowledge our needs when there is hardly time for it (and experience how even a short remembrance makes wonders!)
  • Practice calm mothering in the middle of chaos, while we witness the flow of life being what it is
  • Embody our own personal style of mothering, with awareness of its sacredness

The goal of this workshop is to transform:

  • self-doubt into self-trust
  • overwhelm into resting pause and nourishment
  • self-criticizm into self-love and self-compassion
  • burn-out and pure functioning into sacredness of mothering

Workshops in person are always held in tune with Covid-19 regulations.
If a workshop in person is not possible - due to Covid-19 regulations or any other reason - you will get your money back and we will search for another possible date. 
Small group with max. 8 participants allows deep work and space for each personal process and individual feedback.


Date: Sunday, date and location coming soon
: 11:00 - 18:00 Uhr incl. lunchbreak

Price: 119 € (incl. VAT)

Discount is possible on request. In each workshop there is one place reserved for a "scholarship" - you only pay half price. Please apply per email at and include a letter with your personal situation and motivation.

For all further questions and information about the money back guarantee etc. please visit the FAQ page. 


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“We are born of love; Love is our mother.” Rumi

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