Life Coaching and Counseling

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I am absolutely sure that each one of us deep inside knows his or her purpose and the way to fulfillment. We might have forgotten it by being re-programmed during our lifetime. The wounds of our childhood, unsafe bonding, school system, personal and collective traumatic experiences or a stressed self-damaging everyday life are just a few causes of the loss of our remembrance. But the spark is not lost, only the remembrance.


In a coaching setting I am your companion on your way of self-discovery. I am there for you as a mirror of your process, as a reminder of your soul-center and as a compassionate presence for the rejected parts of yourself. I walk with you step by step, by your side, with a little spotlight in my hand in case the way gets too dark :). You will determine the theme and the depth of your inner work. Whatever the case, an honest self-inquiry during coaching sessions always brings you:

  • fruits of new wisdom
  • includes more aspects of the problem and of yourself
  • you feel empowered
  • you will gain a new perspective in dealing with problems
  • you are more at home with yourself, because you get to know youself better
  • more self-confidence and inner peace
  • more clarity in your relationships and goals in life

The Golden Alchemy is my overall approach to personal development. I will support the unfolding of your inner freedom with different tools (see the page Methods). You may also wish to try a particular method or spiritual inquiry, for example:

  • talk therapy
  • body work with elements of body-oriented psychotherapy 
  • mindfulness and compassion approach for emotional processing
  • shamanic journey 
  • creativity and art therapy
  • focusing

I also offer sessions in Mindfulness & Compassion or Energy work on aura.


In case you wish to clear some questions about your own business and/or business presentation, probably a Soul Business Coaching or an Authentic Design session is a good start. It will give you the re-connection to your authenticity and your soul's mission and so support you to live your vocation. Check my workshops and online courses for more offers in this field.

In all the sessions I carry in the background my knowledge and personal experience in trauma-work and neuroscience . That means that I am aware of trauma triggers and work in a direction of supporting your (self-)regulation.


In a trial session (40min/36€ incl. VAT) we can discuss what is your goal and how would you like to work with me. Contact me if you have any questions!

“Dear Ivana, I was with you exactly two weeks ago. Since then, more and more pieces of the puzzle have been added on my way to a new start. I am thinking of you again and again and carry a big gratitude inside. With all my love!"
Piroska Rückschloß, teacher and healer, holistic body and energy worker

Life Coaching & Counseling


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"We are products of our past, but we don't have to be prisoners of it." Rick Warren

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