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Coaching and Healing in Forest

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Nature supports embodiment of our natural being. When in nature, we remember our true selves. We feel - consciously or unconsciously - many qualities of Life on Earth. Nature is our teacher and our home. There are different aspects, qualities given by nature, which are also to be found in ourselves. When we live in tune with nature, we feel light, supported, in flow, in harmony.


A coaching or healing session in nature has deep effects. You are carried and healed already by the presence of the surrounding. This opens up your energy channels and the transformation can unfold deeper and clearer. While your body is getting energized by healing power of the forest, your soul depth opens softly in your real home - the nature. 

Coaching in forest can support you especially with following themes:

  • you feel not at home with yourself, blocked and not in the flow
  • you are stressed or under pressure all the time
  • you wish to transform painful experiences and emotions
  • your are in a process of transformation that needs support to unfold
  • you feel overflooded with thoughts and worries and wish inner peace
  • you are too active all the time and wish to relax into Being instead of Doing
  • you want to find out what is really essential in your life
  • you need support in your grieving process around loss or death
  • you wish to find ease and effortlessness, your authentic dance of life

After you book a session, we can arrange a meeting on a place that is most convenient for both of us. I usually work in Grunewald (near Clayalle) and in Königsheide, but any other place is fine too.

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." A. Einstein

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