“I am still touched and impressed by your loving presence throughout the workshop! For me it was a journey into my heart! I felt in good hands and safe the whole time. In the attentive and loving atmosphere we danced, cried, laughed, opened up and were wonderfully caught, held and supported. I can only recommend it to everyone who is considering doing this workshop! "

Bettina Mayer, alternative practitioner, practice for TCM


“Iva's sensitivity and empathy, the questions with which she helped us to get closer to the essence of our work, inspired and delighted us from the start. Again and again it was a matter of finding the essentials, the core of what wanted to be expressed. Every moment of these processes was carried by bubbling inspiration, uncomplicated, transparent communication, and a special joy of this collaboration. We were often touched and delighted how Iva captured our complex and often contradicting wishes and fantasies in a small, ingenious idea. Iva creates space in which it becomes easy to find oneselfs core and to feel the joy of showing oneself with one's own being .... ”

Dr. Achim Goeres & Dr. Tanja Hetzer, Hanuman Institute Berlin


"It was a wonderful and very touching day! I received a lot of suggestions and had some deep insights into the origins of my passions and drives, with which I can continue to work and go on a journey of discovery even deeper!"

Julia C. Pullen, graduate Psychologist., coach, trainer, mediator


“I felt very much in good hands. The journeys into the unconscious gave me pictures that support me on my way to myself. A workshop that caressed my soul and also gave me ideas for my future website! "

Martina Krause

COACHING for Authentic Design

“If you are thinking about a new website, I can highly recommend Ivana Kersting's coaching. She also designed my website and in a joint process does a really thorough research into what the website should express. In addition, she is so interested and warm-hearted that working together is definitely a pleasure and enrichment! "

Christiane Marx - speaker, actress, director

WORKSHOP (together with Udo Reinsch)

“In my life I haven't met many people who carry such embodied mindfulness, devotion and authentic gratitude. I experienced the day with the two of you and us 'participants' as completely harmonious. You were both authentic, passionate, loving and complemented each other harmoniously. For me the day with both of you was a heartfelt gift. "

Georg Klöck, Master of Sacred Geometry

COACHING for Soul Business and Authentic Design

"Just filling out the questionnaire that Iva sent me in preparation for our consultation appointment connected me deeply with essential questions about my work and allowed me to search for answers that were just as important. It was a week-long inquiry during which it became clear what was not yet clear to me. In the consultation session, Iva immediately sensed these ambiguities and invited me to do some internal research right there. The space that opened up for me was wide, transparent and free of judgment. I experienced a stream of images and found words that precisely expressed this inner visual experience. I am still touched by the process that extends far beyond my professional activity and has given me a metaphor that gives me strength and orientation on a daily basis. What a gift!"

Anja Louisa Schmidt, coach / seminar leader for authentic being and doing


"Thank you very much for this seminar, in which I was brought into contact with myself so quickly. Everything happened within a framework of cordiality, empathy and competence and thus created a safe space for one's own creativity and knowledge. "

Kerstin R., Medial Life Coach


“Thank you very much for this special workshop, which you designed with great care. I would like to thank you for your openness, your empathy and the many inspirations that I have received and that are still having an effect ... "

Maria Sundermann, caouseling, training, coaching for unfolding potentials


“Dear Ivana, I was with you exactly two weeks ago. Since then, more and more pieces of the puzzle have been added on my way to a new start. I am thinking of you again and again and carry a big gratitude inside. With all my love!"

Piroska Rückschloß, teacher and healer, holistic body and energy worker


“It was very nice to answer your questions and to be asked in this way to formulate my central ideas. The answers were within me, but expressing them inspired me. "

Sabine B., coach and trainer


"It is a pure pleasure to work with you! You have supported me wonderfully and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Jochen Meyer, couple therapy and single coaching

“Love is the bridge between you and everything.” Rumi

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