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Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique. (Definition by Oxford Languages)


Dr. Chris Germer, a clinical psychologist and co-creator of the Mindful Self Compassion program, made a wonderful definition of what is mindfulness and what is (self) compassion:

  • Midnfulness is loving awareness of moment to moment experience
  • (Self) Compassion is loving awareness of the experiencer.

In self compassion, when we suffer, we treat ourself like we would treat a dear friend. We include ourselves in our circle of compassion.

People who are self-compassoinate are not selfish nor weak. On the contrary, the research (done by Dr. Kristin Neff) shows that people with self compassion are:

  • less self-absorbed and narcissistic
  • more emotionally resilient (opposite of weak)
  • more motivated to achieve their goals
  • generally happier
  • mentally and physically healthier
  • have more compassionate and satisfying relationships with others

By practicing mindfulness and self-compassion we really get to know ourselves. By streching the inner vessel to hold more of our experience and more parts of our being with compassion, we become more loving and more generous towards ourself and also towards our relationships and the world. The practice of mindfulness develops our mindful BEING and our mindful DOING. It is a practice in both - a loving aware presence and a conscious way of relating to the world.


In mindfullness sessions I accompany you through different stages:

The level of content

Your Inner Life 

The ever-changing dance

Stream of Life 

Pure awareness beyond

The Essence 

Your soul in the world

Loving Action 

While practicing Mindfulness we move through these four aspects in circles or spirals. With each round we embrace a new part of ourselves and finally bring it out to the world in form of loving action. With each round we enlarge our capacity for containing more of ourselves, of our experiences and, finally, more of our love. With each round we are closer to our essence, as we work through the shadows and blockages, embracing our parts and our vilnerability. While walking the way we develop a fearless heart and we learn what I call the Golden Alchemy - turning suffering into golden wisdom and deep happiness of the soul. 

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