Authentic Design Workshop

Trust your inner gold

Live or online | twice per year in German and/or English

A holistic approach to design and marketing for authentic expression of your vocation

Authentic Design is beautiful in a way that touches people. When the outer form of your graphic/web design presentatnion corresponds to your inner qualitites, your design communicates the true image, that attracts the right customers, strengthens your essence and self-confindence, and gives your presentation a special depth and value.


A design product (logo, flyer, website) makes the first impact on people through an unconscious impression, which should invite the observer into the world of your unique qualities and talents, which are presented in a way that fits your mission and your taste. The workshop will help you to find out what makes your design authentic. We will mindfully observe the way you work (or want to work) with your clients and what is the essencial and unique part of it. We will also find out which way of marketing suits your personality. 

Throughout the workshop you will get in touch with your innermost core to find the answers to the questions like: How does your inner world looks like? Which passion is driving your vocation? Which colors and shapes can symbolize it? What do you want to make particularly visible? How would you like to be seen? Which visuall elements reflect your working style? Which marketing ways correspond your personality and how could they look like in design? Do you feel shy and introvert and don't know how to present yourself? Maybe you don't like any marketing way you have seen by now?

"It was a wonderful and very touching day! I received a lot of suggestions and had deep insights into the origins of my passions and drives, with which I can continue to work and go on a journey of discovery even deeper!"
Julia C. Pullen, Dipl.-Psych., coach, trainer, mediator

In a creative process that unfolds throughout the workshop, we combine your vocation with shapes, colors and images that represent your mission, qualities and talents. For example, do you like to be direct and focused on the essentials? Then your design and marketing should also give that impression. Is the gentle heart energy and connection important to you? Or humor and playfulness? Or freedom and spaciousness? All this and more should be reflected in your authentic design. After making you inner journeys during this workshop, you might be surprised what kind of design your soul will create!

Methods: Inquiry and reflection, guided exercises and meditations, movement and dance, drawing, body and energy work etc.


For workshops in person in Berlin: Please wear comfortable clothing and have the necessary materials for taking notes. Material for drawing (paper sheets and coloured crayons) will be provided.


For live webinars: Please prepare materials for your personal notes and for coloured drawing (enough paper and coloured crayons).

"Ich habe mich sehr aufgehoben gefühlt. Die Reisen ins Unbewusste haben mir Bilder geschenkt, die mich auf meinem Weg zu mir selbst unterstützen. Ein Workshop, der meine Seele gestreichelt und mir außerdem Ideen für meinen  Webauftritt geliefert hat!" Martina K.

Workshops in person are always held in tune with Covid-19 regulations.
If a workshop in person is not possible - due to Covid-19 regulations or any other reason - you will get your money back and we will search for another possible date. 
Small group with max. 8 participants allows deep work and space for each personal process and individual feedback.


Date: 18. + 19.6.2022
: each day 3 hours, 12:00 - 15:00 h

Price: 119 € (incl. VAT)

Discount is possible on request. In each workshop there is one place reserved for a "scholarship" - you only pay half price. Please apply per email at and include a letter with your personal situation and motivation.

For all further questions and information about the money back guarantee etc. please visit the FAQ page. 


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions: 0172-9976723 or

Your Workshop Team

With our know-how and our life experiences, we are qualified to facilitate this workshop and support you in finding your authentic design, shining out of your inner core. 

Ivana Kersting

life coaching, body & energy work

20+ years of holistic freelance design practice

graphic/web designer and graduate engineer

Udo Reinsch

project counseling and conceptualization

programming and realisation of websites

former CEO of an advertising agency

"If you wish to grasp the invisible, penetrate as deeply as possible into the visible."

Max Beckmann, painter

single sessions

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