Anderes Ich
Es gibt ein anderes Ich, das in mir lebt. Sie liebt mich wahrscheinlich mehr als ich sie liebe. Jedes Mal, jeden Tag, mein ganzes Leben lang, gibt sie ihr Bestes, um meine Wünsche zu erfüllen...
Another Me
There is another me, living inside of me. She probably loves me more than I love her. Every time, every day, my whole life long, she gives her best to fulfill my wishes...

Thank you, forest
My letter to the forest, that is healing and teaching, always inspiring and grounding, connecting me and reminding me that I am always loved and held, always belonging, always home...
Authenticity Rising
This is my personal story about how I shifted my life from a "well adjusted good girl" towards the more authentic self that is "good enough". It included a change of my profession and a courage to live from my soul and develop my soul business.

She gained her passion back
A case story about Mia, who transformed her inner critic with love and compasison, rediscovered her enthusiasm and then made new courageous choices in her life. The inner critic can become an ally!
Transforming the Inner Critic
The inner critic is internalized personality of outer authority from our childhood, that we were in some way dependent on. There is a way of transforming it into a helping ally!

Beauty Reloaded
Receiving beauty vs. thinking beauty. When we get lost in thoughts, we miss the whole beauty of aliveness and creation. Luckily, there is a new chance every moment to "reload" our experience.

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