Dancing with Demons

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"Dancing with Demons" is a very intensive healing and purifying process. It combines shamanism, energy work, dance and trauma work. It can be used very well for dealing with death, loss and grief, but also for any other healing process.


During "Dancing with Demons" you will step into our own inner shaman, into your own healer's potentials. You will move between the conventional, ordinary world and the ultimate, spiritual world. You will transform from the ordinary Self into the bigger Self, that is able to contain more shadow and more light. Your own Spirit is the Healer, that knows the medicine for your process.


Fearlessly welcoming the demons during the healing process changes the inner alchemy of our psyche and brings big transformation. You will learn to welcome and contain the shadow (the demons) that belong to a particular process. These can be your own demons or a bigger, collective shadow. Sometimes also demons of your loved ones or lost ones. 

Intensive movement and dance support the flow of energy that is needed to move blockages and emotions, while your consciousness is working on healing the painful issues. A positive impact of this process on a trauma stored in our body is that we keep on moving the energy during the crucial phases of the healing. When we meet an issue - a demon - that was causing traumatic experience, we keep on dancing/moving (instead of freezing) and so transform the stuck energy into the energy flow of action (fight/flight). This helps us to become whole again and reconnect with a life force, that used to be frozen in traumatic energetic blocks.


Before coming to a session, it is important to arrange an introductory phone/video call, so you know which necessary items you need to bring. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

"Honoring the world of form and spirit; surrendering to endless death and rebirth; this is the source of all healing - the shaman's power!" Theodore Tsaousidis

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