Energy Work and healing

Energy healing is work on the energy field (aura) around and inside our body. It can remove blocks in our energy system and strengthen the self-healing powers of the body. Already ancient cultures describe the energy healing. The concept of prana - the vital force that permeates reality on all levels - is described in many Hindu texts, including Upanishads and Vedas. Also the seven chakras were first mentioned in ancient Hindu texts. Traditional Chinese medicine works with meridians, which are the "highways" of energy streams through our budy. In Buddhist teachings and Tantric practices there are numerous meditations that describe energy channels and  inner winds, that move our energy and our consciousness.


First the energy, then the body. Our energy field is the matrix for our body. Some illnesses first manifest as energetic blocks in the aura. Injuries on the body level can also be found as injuries on the auric levels. Our emotional and mental state are reflected in the auric field. The way we function in life is shown in the way we use our chakras. Depending on our character structure and our life history, we will more or less use a certain chakra to send and receive energy. All this can be diagnosed in an energy healing session. 


My energy work sessions include:

  • Body reading: Your body remembers your experiences and already the form, posture, texture etc. of your body can give a helpful information for you to understand yourself. The use of chakras and amount of energy in certain bodliy area will also show your way of living and what would be helpful to know or change.
  • Chakra diagnosis: Each of our 7 chakras is taking care of an aspect of our being. Going through the chakras, it is possible to measure how big they are, if they are in harmony with the surrounding and with the flow of life, and where some healing would be helpful. 
  • Chelation: This is a basic energetic clearing of the whole body. It cleanes and balanses the body and fills it with nourishing energy.
  • Work on the certain area or chakra: Depending on the mental/emotinal/health/spiritual issue that you wish to solve, I work on the certain area of your body on different auric levels.
  • Heart centering: We practice to move from the head to the heart using energy work. Moving from to the heart center is important tool for developing more self-compassion, which awakens the courage to change habitual behavior as well as emotional and thought patterns. This in return changes the energy field.
  • The level of Hara: The energy level of Hara is beyond chakra's energy field. This is where we stand between heaven and earth, with out individual alignment and intention towards life. Re-aligning this level gives us the right direction in life and helps to act more clearly in tune with our soul longings.
  • Resting in Essence: Resting in the energy of the essence, connected to all life and universe. This is the state beyond the level of chakras and of Hara. It is the space of Oneness. This is the timeless space of NOW and of pure beingness. It is very nourishing for body and mind. 

Energy work sessions are usually done lying on a massage table. For cetrain aspects of the work the sitting and/or standing posture is more convenient. Please come dressed in comfortable clothes. 

"We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us." Rumi

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