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In more than 20 years of my practice as a graphic/web designer and a coach for Authentic Design, I have noticed, that the most important part of the process is to really deeply get the essence of the work, its core and its purpose. By this I don't mean the marketing sentence that describes it, but the authenticity and uniqueness of it, like a kind of "energy" that is part of each client's mission.  When this is done succesfully, the whole process of creation starts unfolding just by itself. Not only the visual design unfolds out of clients essence, but also the texts and the whole structure of the design product (flyer, website) starts to flow from a deeper center, more harmonious and with ease.

"It was very nice to follow your questions and to be asked in this way to formulate my central ideas. The answers were within me, but expressing them inspired me!"
Sabine B., coach and trainer

To start working on this process of forming design out of clients core and authenticity, I am using the questionnaire, that I have developed for that purpose. Here I am offering its basic version for free, so you can use it for building your own design or to prepare for working with me, if you like. Here is what you get with this questionnaire:

  • it helps you to connect deeply with what you want to bring into the world
  • it strengthens your self-confidence
  • you become aware of your special talents
  • gives your courage to start something new and/or to follow your Soul Business vision 
  • you develop inner images of energy surrounding your work, that represent design elements that fit you
  • makes you aware of your wished clients and how do you want to be seen with your offerings
Authentic Design Questionnaire (EN)
In English
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Authentic Design Fragebogen (DE)
In Deutsch
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