Beauty Reloaded

Receiving Beauty vs. Thinking Beauty

Spring is just starting and sweet innocent little flowers appear on meadows here and there, awakening joy in our hearts. We feel drawn to look at them, to touch them and feel our happiness in the coming warmer beams of sunshine. As I walk down the street and notice those lovely flowers, I find myself getting down on my knees to admire their beauty. What a gracious form and what a powerful color! Oh yes, that is my daughter's favorite color, maybe I should get a couple of flowers for her. Or maybe I should rather leave the flowers here, not desturbing their flow of life? There are anyway too less plants in the city.... And there I go, lost in thoughts, drifiting away from the moment of seeing beauty into the net of entangled thoughts. I can feel this grayish cloudy network of thougts around my body, the thought-form-reality. Even my eye sight changes from the vibrant clear sharpness of details into the foggy unclear cloudiness, that takes me away from Now into the Future. Yeah, here you are again, human nature. Welcome. Let's practice one more time moving from "lost in thoughts" towards "receiving beauty now". The way is the goal.

Not only arriving into the spacious awareness of each individual uplifts the frequency of colective human consciousness. Also the very process, the very movement from being lost in thoughts to arriving into presence has a special importance. May we be thankful each time we get lost, as we can practice again and deepen the traces of the right way towards more consciousness. With each single practice we make the roots stronger and world a better place. Each individual, walking the way from lost to found, is ike a shooting star, leaving the traces on the night sky, that another star can find. 

We are so lucky that Life is always here and now, at our service to practice awakening, ariving into moment, arriving into Life. So when we get lost, we can reload the experience of Now. So I choose to get out of the story in my head and have a look at the flower again. Make everyting else STOP. There is just me and the flower. Seeing beauty is receiving beauty. Like in any other contact, the key state is receptivity. Stay alert in the now and be receptive. Don't go towards the flower with your story. Stay simply here, open-hearted like with open arms, waiting, and let the flower approach you. Receive it into your heart space. Receive the shape and the color, the fragrance, the light. By receiving it as it is, the flower starts bringing its gifts.


If I don't choose my story, the flower will tell me its story - the story of Essence behind thoughts. It will bring Insights - the gifts of Wisdom and Reality. I start seeing this flower's innocence and dignity, its purity and serenity. Its vibrant aliveness dances with aliveness of my own presence. THIS is revealed Life. This is how, out of formless, Life creates form. In the silence of receiving beauty, the Truth of Life unfolds and I am kissed by Godliness and Creation, visible and invisible. I perceive reality in which we are One, full of Love and Grace.

"Beauty does not bring happiness to the one who possesses it,

but to the one who loves and admires it."

Hermann Hesse

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