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Your Soul Business is a very individual expression of your soul. You are unique - and so will your business be, when you approach it from deep within and let it unfold out of the deepest wishes of your heart. Who did you always want to be? What did you always want to do? 


When you work out of your soul, then the business is not anymore just a business. It becomes a service to humanity. It becomes something, that you simply HAVE TO give, it becomes an urge of your soul. When you follow this urge, the qualities of your soul will simply unfold. I have witnessed it numerous times: the deeper we get into the contact with our soul wishes, the easier the qualities of it can unfold into the process of creation. At one point it almost feels, that it all flows by itself and you hardly have to do anything but following it. This is the point when Life's Creation takes over and unfolds its beauty through your soul. The deeper we go inside and act from within, the more we notice that the force and the soul's urge, that is leading us, comes from beyond. When we allow this creative force to take over, we are not any more doing, but allowing it to happen.


In this course you will:

  • get in deeper touch with your soul. Unfolding the soul business is an old wish of your soul, rooted in you when you entered this world and mirrored through many experiences of your life. Knowing the roots of your authentic and unique mission, gives a greater meaning and stability to your business.
  • get clear about your motivation - why did you choose this soul business. What in the deepest core motivates you, that also brings you forward and it's an everlasting nourishment and source of energy for your business.
  • research about what are your values, so you can act and develop in the right direction.
  • find out where lies your passion in your work.
  • find out what long-term impact you’d like your work to have and what is your goal.
  • discover which clients can make the best use of your business.
  • learn about mindfulness and compassion with yourself and in business.
  • discover what a success looks like for you.
  • find out how do you want to be seen and considered by others.
  • learn the basics of authentic presentation in design and marketing.


I have walked the way of developing the Soul Business myself. The first step was to change my profession from being a university lecturer in electric engineering (a job, that did not fulfill me) to a holistic web/graphic designer with my own business. I facilitated more than 150 clients to find their unique way and create a design presentation, that shines from their essence and mirrors their authenticity. Many of my project in this field you can find on the website In the next step of expanding my Soul Business, I included my further development in psychological and spiritual work and became a psychospiritual coach and counselor, widening the field of my vocation and of my impact. You can read my personal story in my Blog article "Authenticity Rising". 

This online course is at the moment under construction.

Instead, you can book your personal Soul Business Coaching package:

Soul Business Coaching Package

5 personal coaching sessions (5 x 75 min)

- In person in Berlin or via Zoom -

350,00 € (+ VAT)

Your personal Soul Business coaching package works with 5 themes in 5 modules. 

More information about each module you can find HERE.

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