Passion Reloaded

Ignite your fires - Burn the old and create the new

Fire stands for destruction, purification and creation. When we embody our fire energy, we are mediators between heaven and earth. If we manage to be firmly rooted, with both feet on the ground, and at the same time to reach for the stars, we can make impact and carry big transformations. The inner fire, that burns within us, is giving our presence magical attraction. When you live your fire, you can transform, heal, inspire and guide yourself and others.


Fire is also the element of joy, passion, laughing and dancing, warmth, dynamic and action. We all had our moments in childhood, when we were totally absorbed in our passion. And that passion is different for each and every one. Some might have been running in nature, wildly playing with mud, some might have got lost in pages of a favorite book, some followed unfolding of their phantasy journeys and story-tellings with their dolls, some were absorbed in drawing and painting, some were dancing without a break, and some were just wildly happy without any reason! Whatever the case, there must have been an element of fire in it, that burning for it, pure enthusiasm and joy, rising out of the process itself and not out of the result. Can you recall it?

In this workshop we will remember our passion and how does it feel to be "possessed" by it. We will dance wildly and merge into the inner fire. We will check how the edge feels like and how we can let the fire burn and contain it safely, by staying grounded and aware. Will we speak with our fire and let it teach us about our mission in life. Fire transforms - it can burn and it can create.

Fire is an important element if you are in a crisis, in a transitional space, when something new is being born, but not yet there. This transformation can be supported by burning the old, what you wish to leave behind. Out of the ashes, a new "Phoenix" can arise. One wonderful symbol of this aspect can be found in the nature: did you know, that in order for the cones of the giant sequoia to open, a forest fire must first have raged, because the seeds need the nutrient-rich ash layer to germinate? 


Fire is also a spiritual symbol of the divine conciousness. Candles have been used in rituals and devotional practices in many traditions and religions. The element of fire is also used in initiation rituals in shamanism. Fire also symbolizes the death of the ego and spiritual new birth. 

This workshop is for you if:

  • you are searching for a deeper inner guidance during transitional phase in your life, to clarify your new direction
  • you are in the middle of transformation and want to let go of the old and ignite the new 
  • your life feels "quite ok" but you have a background feeling that you are missing something and wish to reconnect to your passion
  • you wish to embody your ecstasy and enthusiasm
  • you wish to live more from the guts and less from the head
  • you want to give your body a safe space for unfolding its passionate expression
  • you wish to feel your creativity and power that is behind your fire
  • you simply want to dance really wildly to the edge of a trans-state

The workshop includes:

  • lots of dancing and expression of your power
  • Power-excercises from the body-oriented psychotherapy
  • guided meditation to the roots of your passion (childhood and before)
  • self-compassion, picking up the lost soul parts
  • shamanic journey to your power animal
  • pair work, mirroring
  • a fire ritual

Destruction, purification, surrender, power, trance, creation, bliss, essence...

Workshop is always in person in Berlin and held in tune with Covid-19 regulations.

Date: Sunday, date and location coming soon
: 11:00 - 16:00 Uhr incl. lunchbreak

Price: 69 € (incl. VAT)
Discount is possible on request. In each workshop there is one place reserved for a "scholarship" - you only pay half price. Please apply per email at and include a letter with your personal situation and motivation.

For all further questions and information about the money back guarantee etc. please visit the FAQ page. 


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"The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire." Ferdinand Foch

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